The repositioning of the atlas and/or axis vertebrae is done by hand, with a quick gentle adjustment at the side of the neck. This unlocks the subluxation and then allows your body’s innate intelligence to ‘seat’ the vertebra precisely into its correct position. It is completely safe for patients of all ages. There is no twisting of the neck. Upper Cervical Care doesn’t “cure” any disease or symptom. It simply restores body balance and brain-to-body communication so that organs, limbs and tissues can resume normal functioning. The body is now able to self-heal. That is why we see many different conditions responding to the same procedure.

However, too many of us wait too long to get our atlas and/or axis vertebrae corrected. This is mainly due to ignorance of the vital role that the brain stem plays in the health of the entire body throughout life. It is becoming increasingly clear that parents should have their children’s atlas and axis vertebrae examined as soon as possible and have periodic Upper Cervical check-ups throughout their lives. Countless problems could be avoided entirely. A correctly positioned atlas and axis vertebrae is fundamental to good health; children to grandparents need to get their Upper Cervical area examined now!